9 thoughts on Untitled - Fluxmonkey - Cryptosonology (Cassette, Album)

  1. Goltilkree   Arashijora
    The album, as it started taking shape, began with a flurry of everywhere-at-once anxiety, then steadily wound down, slower and sparser. By the time it worked itself out, "Exactly" was resigned to an elegiac tone, leaving behind all the layers of action until the whole mess just .
  2. Dizragore   Goltisar
    On behalf of PC and myself, I just wanted to thank everyone for their ongoing support during This year we have been a little bit less active here on the blog, which was partly a conscious choice, partly because we've been very busy with our day jobs, and partly because we've been expanding what we are trying to do with MNML SSGS.
  3. Akinojin   Kazrazragore
    Jul 08,  · BPA -6 Song For Chico by Alvin Fielder / Damon Smith, released 11 September 1. Improvisation 1 2. Improvisation 2 3. Variations on "Untitled" by Cecil Taylor 4. Song for Chico (for Chico Hamilton) 5. Improvisation 3 6. Roots by Johnny Dyani Improvised music and rare compositions for drum set & double bass DL is hi res 24 bit 96kHz.
  4. Kazilkis   Tygomi
    33 bays by Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Tim Olive, released 30 October 1. Track 1 2. Track 2 Brian Olewnick, Just Outside: A thick, rough, spiny set of two pieces, the music elbowing its way through, leaving shavings and unexpected bruises. The first track is quite packed but not overstuffed, several things usually in operation at a given moment–throbbing hums with erratic static and.
  5. Shakabar   Vumi
    'UNTITLED' track on 'ASR ARCHIVE SELECTIONS ' A SOUNDESIGN RECORDING january 30 copies (wh rk david russell) Stark Tech. STARK TECH cassette FAIRCHILD RECORDS June Stark Holy MAA. WORKPLACE VIOLENCE cd TANTRAMOON 4, SKSK 68 September SONGS FOR SPOOKY benefit cd compilation LIVEBAIT RECORDING FOUNDATION June
  6. Zologul   Kakinos
    Demo Cassette by Dark Ambient & Cryptozoology influenced band Cryptogenus. Band name Music genre Lyrical themes Album title Song title Label Artist User profile Google. Cryptogenus - Rusalka. 5. Parasomnia - Via Negativa. Rusalka Project" is a story based on Polish Legends, story is told in the comics and on CD album.
  7. Arall   Tomi
    Regeneration by JGuy Laughlin / bbob drake, released 30 March 1. BelaDubby 8/5/09 2. Now That's Class 7/3/09 3. Turnup Records 5/8/09 4. Now That's Class 4/4/09 Live recordings from - JGuy on percussion, bbob on electronics.
  8. Mikakazahn   Meztijas
    "Started in , WZRD is one of the first and only free-form radio stations out there. Unlike other formats, even the Jack format, there is no restriction on what's playable on air (save FCC regulations). It would not be unheard of to hear Tibetan Buddhist chants, early 80's punk rock, eclectic mixes, a spoken word piece and public service announcements in succession.
  9. Samuzuru   Gocage
    View my disposable camera photo album from the November tour here. Overall highlights: (please consider this just some jotting down rather than an article) Dave Phillips at Neon Marshmallow Fest (both sets, field recording set was really good too).

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