8 thoughts on Lets Get Together [Wrong Label: Vocal Version of Stop Hurting Me] - Sister C.C. / Ethnic Fight Band - Stop Hurting Me / Hurt (Vinyl)

  1. Douzil   Goltisida
    Feb 29,  · Lets rebrand TNM into the New Big Band Lovers! Or the new old peoples music site, or something. It is by the way my thesis that Radio created (or if not created, greatly fueled the fires of) Jazz, while TV created Rock and Roll By which I mean specifically rock and roll, that is 50s music, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley et al. and killed the Big Band era.
  2. Domi   Gadal
    Stop the madness and let's get Obama elected, then you can spout all the pent-up bitterness you desire. It's crazy, just crazy. It's like Ralph Nader trying to move the country in a green, consumer friendly, less corporate greed direction by running and taking votes away from Gore in 2,
  3. Kezuru   Nill
    He told me to stop acting like a wuss and start acting like a man. He told me it was time I grow up and accept responsibility. He then punished me for 3 weeks not for the fucc up, but for me trying to kiss his ass instead of owning up to my mistakes. This is about to happen to all of us My point is this. Hip Hop is over 30 years old.
  4. Groran   Fetilar
    The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees were officially announced on Tuesday, October 15th. The 35th annual induction ceremony will be held in Cleveland at Public Auditorium on Saturday, May 2nd.
  5. Mikahn   Yotaur
    Now think about this a minute, lets get this in prospective, your mind can't comprehend figures like fifty billion dollars, or marks to mail a letter, when four years before, it had been two cents.
  6. Yozshugal   Maurisar
    Doyle Band; Dianne Dubock and her School of Scottish Highland Dancers; Paddy Noonan, Scot-tish/Irish enter-tainer, story teller and ac-Scordionist; and The Cit-rus County Scottish 4 Bagpipe I Band. $10 tickets. S, S or 0 Second annual In-verness St. SPatrick's Day Parade, p.m. Saturday, March 17, in.
  7. Kimuro   Tekasa
    Sister C.C. / Ethnic Fight Band - Stop Hurting Me / Hurt ‎ (12") Fight: FTDD UK: このバージョンを出品: FTDD Natural Mystic (2) Totally Together / Let's Get Together 2 バージョン: FTDD UK: Unknown: このバージョンを出品: 2 バージョン.
  8. Arazahn   Sashicage
    it varies. i rarely have perfect days. but i have to wake up in a great mood. little things make me so happy, but they also ruin my mood the easiest. life in general, i’d say i’m very unlucky. just because every time i get my hopes up, something goes wrong. i try to focus more on the good things so life’s been alright so far and i guess.

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