8 thoughts on The Illinois Enema Bandit - Frank Zappa - Just Another Live Album (CD)

  1. Gardadal   Tygoshakar
    Jan 14,  · But his name lives on --Michael Kenyon, THE ILLINOIS ENEMA BANDIT! The Illinois Enema Bandit I heard he's on the loose I heard he's on the loose Lord, the pitiful screams Of all them college-educated women He'd just be tyin' 'em up (They'd be all bound down!) Just be pumpin' every one of 'em up with all the bag fulla The Illinois Enema Bandit.
  2. Tygonos   Shakagor
    Frank Zappa - The Illinois Enema Bandit (Live At Hordern Pavilion, Sydney/) Lyrics. Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Ray White (rhythm guitar, vocals) Eddie Jobson (keyboards, violin, vocals) Patrick O'Hearn (bass, vocals).
  3. Necage   Nashicage
    Early versions of The Illinois Enema Bandit and Keep it Greasey show Zappa experimenting with pieces before they get their official release (for the first one it was Zappa in New York, and the latter was released in a slightly more complex version on Joe's Garage)/5(6).
  4. Doukus   Tojashakar
    Frank Zappa has been gone for 25 years now, but his timeless music still lives on. Back in , the Zappa Family Trust posthumously released Frank’s th official album, Dance Me This, which.
  5. Zulkir   Darr
    frank zappa hot rats vinyl Double Album VGC. c2 the illinois enema bandit. 5 lp's frank zappa once dubble lp and three times lp. Details: frank, zappa, rats, vinyl, double, album, royal, mail, class Bolton.
  6. Gakora   Shale
    May 20,  · Sides 2 & 3 are absolute perfection: Village through More Trouble. Of the 10 tracks, 7 of them are in the "great" category for me. The band is fantastic here, the songs are excellently written and the album is a ton of fun. It's Frank's best live* album up to this point. Great songs: Pygmy Twylyte Village of the Sun Echidna's Arf (Of You).
  7. Kazir   Voodoogis
    In addition, Don Pardo was invited by Zappa to the Palladium concert, and he provides introductory narrations to "Punky's Whips" and "The Illinois Enema Bandit". On the CD version, Pardo also delivers a verse of "I'm the Slime" (he did the same for Zappa's Saturday Night Live appearance).
  8. Faugrel   Vohn
    Frank Zappa is one of the few artists for whom I actually own live albums. Generally I don’t like live albums as for me they rarely enhance or provide significant deviation from the studio recordings. It sometimes feels that the live album can become a greatest hits compilation, just recorded “wrongly”. Zappa is different though.

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