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  1. Bataur   Faujin
    The title “Happiness is a Warm Gun” was inspired by a headline on a gun magazine which producer George Martin had shown Lennon. The song was extremely difficult for the band to record with its.
  2. Kara   Metaxe
    May 13,  · “ Happiness Is a Warm Gun ” is a song by the Beatles, featured on the eponymous double-disc album The Beatles, also known as the White Album, which was released on 22 November Although credited to Lennon–McCartney, it was written by John Lennon.
  3. Kagajind   Vudozil
    Happiness is a warm gun, mama -is a warm gun yeh- 5 1 This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song.
  4. Vogal   Vozshura
    Happiness Is a Warm Gun This song is by The Beatles and appears on the album The Beatles () and on the compilation album Anthology 3 (). She's not a girl who misses much Do-do do-do do-do Oh, yeah She's well-acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand like a lizard on a window pane The man in the crowd with the multi-coloured mirror's on his hobnail boots Lying with his.
  5. Gorr   Kaziran
    Nov 09,  · “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” reportedly is McCartney’s and was Harrison’s favorite song on the record. It was the one they had the most fun recording. Its importance is noted in its prominent.
  6. Dour   Tagis
    Jun 13,  · Yes it is (Happiness bang, bang, shoot, shoot), Fm/C NC Happiness is a warm'. Yes it is, gun (Happiness bang, bang, shoot, shoot). CODA: C Am F G C Well, don't you know happiness is a warm gun, mama? (Happiness is a warm gun, yeah). [End] Notes. 1. John got the idea to this title from headline in a gun magazine, which read "Happiness Is Warm.
  7. Kigazilkree   Tojashura
    Jul 07,  · THE BEATLES - HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN (Lennon/McCartney) From THE WHITE ALBUM. Released on 22nd November Tabbed by: PJVillanueva She's not a girl who misses much Do do do do do do- oh yea! She's well acquainted with the touch of .
  8. Julkis   Akirr
    「ハッピネス・イズ・ア・ウォーム・ガン」(英語: Happiness is a Warm Gun )はビートルズの楽曲である。 年に発表されたイギリス盤公式オリジナル・アルバム『ザ・ビートルズ』(ホワイト・アルバム)に収録。.
  9. Mojinn   Dilkis
    "happiness is a warm gun" A needle+Heroin(which is usually heated prior to use) = happiness.4/5(10).

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